OUR MAY TASTING: Wines of The Loire Valley

Please join us on
Thursday, May 21st
5:30 to 7:30pm
As we taste the:
TheWines of The Loire Valley

2007 Gerard Boulay Sancerre
2006 Domaine De La Bergerie “Clos Le          
      Grand Beaupreau” Savennieres
1999 Pierre Luneau- Papin “Le L d’Or”
      Muscadet Sevre & Maine  
2007 Bernard Baudry “Les Granges” Chinon
2007 Mikael Bouges “Les Cots Hauts” Touraine


As usual, a new week, a new group of wines we can’t wait to share with our customers. Here’s a look at a few of our recent arrivals:

2007 Josef Ehmoser “Von den Terrassen” Gruner Veltliner: A fresh and lively Austrian Gruner just in time for the arrival of summer, this wine is loaded with citrus and more than a hint of white pepper on the finish. Put down the Sauvignon Blanc and give this a try for a change. $16.95

2008 Araldica “La Luciana” Gavi di Gavi: Like anyone else, we love to find something to complain about, and perhaps there’s nothing we complain to our suppliers about more than rising prices. Whether it’s the plummeting value of the American dollar versus the Euro, increasing production costs abroad, or a rise in the price of shipping the wine, it seems like we’re always seeing prices creep upward. Fortunately, perhaps as a result of all of our complaining, once in a while, prices actually decline, and for that we’re thankful! This fantastic Gavi from Araldica just came down in price, and at $14.95, we think it’s a tremendous value. Gavi is always one of our favorite Italian white wines, but seldom have we been able to offer such an example for this price. $14.95

2004 Marques de Murrieta Rioja Reserva: With the explosion of precocious up-and-coming Spanish wine regions such as Jumilla, Bierzo, and Toro, sometimes poor old Rioja gets left behind in the dust. It’s great to taste a wine like the 2004 Murrieta Reserva, which is a great reminder of why Rioja is still such a towering giant in the world of Spanish wine. This is classic Rioja in the best sense of the word—spice, leather, cherry, vanilla and cedar aromas. As you stick your nose in the glass, there’s absolutely no mistaking this wine for anything else. Murrieta has been producing traditionally-styled Rioja nearly as long as anyone in the region—we think the quality of this wine shows why the so-called “old-guard” is still around and thriving today. $29.95

2008 Garofoli “Guelfo Verde” Frizzante: One of our hit wines here at the shop last summer, the Guelfo Verde is a slightly sparkling light white from Italian producer Garofoli. Made from Trebbiano and Chardonnay, this is a great summertime white wine from the Marche region, emminently refreshing and a bit drier than most prosecco. $10.95

2007 Pascal Cotat “Monts Damnes” Sancerre Blanc: There is Sancerre and then there’s Sancerre, and the wines of Pascal and Francois Cotat definitely fall into the latter category. Their wines are by consistently some of the most distinctive and devastatingly delicious white wines we carry here at J. Emerson. Here’s a chance to get your hands on some of the best single-vineyard Sauvignon Blanc being produced anywhere in the world. $44.95

2007 Domaine de Gournier VdP Merlot: Delicious and juicy merlot from Nimes area of the southern Rhone Valley. We’re always on the lookout for a solid Tuesday night pizza/burgers/pasta wine, and we think that the Gournier Merlot over-delivers for its modest pricetag. $10.95

2007 Mikael Bouges “Les Cots Hauts” Touraine Cot: The Loire Valley is perhaps not the first place many would go looking for Malbec, but you’d be missing out if you made a bee-line straight for Mendoza every time. From Mikael Bouges, a small organic farmer in the Touraine region of the Loire Valley, we present you with the 2007 “Les Cots Hauts.” Bouges specializes in Cot (aka Malbec) and Sauvignon Blanc, producing only a few hundred cases of wine each vintage. Often times Loire cot can be better characterized by what’s not there (ie, concentration, tannin, or oak, for better or worse), but Bouges 2007 Cot is ripe and full-flavored with a solid core of supporting tannins. We found this to be a really compelling example of what Malbec can achieve in this region. $14.95

2008 Domaine Brusset Cotes de Ventoux Rouge: Another fantastic value from the Ventoux area of the southern Rhone Valley. Juicy, ripe and bold, this is a lot of wine for less than $15. $11.95

2007 Villa d’ Rosso Toscano: Here’s another recession-buster that drinks way beyond the humble pricetag. From southern Tuscany, the 2007 Villa d’ is 100% Sangiovese Grosso, considered by many to be one of the best clones of Sangiovese grown in Tuscany. A great option for a house wine. $7.95