Our Holiday Cheese Plate Selection and Order form

Cheese Plate Order Form
To place an order, please call the store: (804) 285-8011
We bring you no fuss, cut to order cheese plates. Perfect for the holidays!
ALL cheeses are $2.00 per ounce
Choose 3-5 cheeses, one from each category.

1. Fresh/Soft Cheeses
Bucheron (FR)
Brillat Savarin- (FR)
Brie (FR)
Saint Angel (FR)
Cypress Grove Chevre (USA)

2. Semi Firm Cheeses
Ossau Iraty (FR)
Manchego (SP)
Fontina (IT)
Gruyere (SZ)
Goat Gouda (HOL)
Clothbound Cheddar (USA)

3. Aged Cheeses
7 Year Cheddar (USA)
Aged Gouda (HOL)
Parmesan (IT)

4. Blue Cheeses
Gorgonzola (IT)
Roquefort (FR)
Blu di Bufala (IT)
Cambozola (GER)
Stilton (ENG)

5. Flavorful Cheeses
Sottocenere Tartufo (IT)
Poacher’s Cheddar (ENG)
Taleggio (IT)
Idiazabal (SP)

Cheese Plate Additions
Adding some salami, pate, or other cured meats adds substance and flavor. Smoked, salmon, whitefish, or even oysters are interesting additions as well.

Whether raw, dried or in a preserved form, fruit is a beautiful accent to a cheese board. Honey can be drizzled in liquid form or served on the comb for an impressive presentation.

Cornichons, olives, and other pickled and preserved veg is an easy way to add color and flavor.

Carr’s Water Crackers are the best, most blank canvas for a variety of cheeses. But having more than one option is ideal, whether it is sliced baguette, flatbread, or gluten free crackers.

Marcona almonds, candied pecans, walnuts and even peanuts add crunch and saltiness.

All packages will include 1 ounce of each cheese, per person, staff selected.
Prices will vary based on the number of guests.
Any substitutions will be charged at regular price.

1. Picnic…$16.99
(2 guests)
1oz each of 3 cheeses
Bremner’s Wafers

2. Small Gathering…$23.99+
(3-5 guests)
1oz each of 3 cheeses
Carr’s Water Crackers
4oz Pate

3. Pre-Dinner…$49.99+
(5-10 guests)
1oz each of 4 cheeses
Carr’s Water Crackers
1 Fruit Spread

4. Office Party…$245.99+
(20-30 guests)
1oz each of 5 cheeses
Entertainment Crackers
Carr’s Whole Wheat Crackers
Carr’s Water Crackers
10oz Pate
1 Fruit Spread

Tips for Serving
Add variety through textures, milk types, or even countries of origin.

Pre-slice your cheese. No cubes! The only exception to this would be soft cheeses, which you can serve with a knife. Everything else should be cut into two-bite wedges or slices, before the event, but not too far in advance that the cheese ‘sweats’. For crumbly blues, a cheese wire is your best bet for a clean cut.

Bring your cheeses to room temperature. Cold cheeses are muted and not at full flavor. Take everything out of the fridge an hour before serving.

Serve accompaniments on the side, not on top of the cheese. Give your guests the option to try with or without.

Label your cheeses so that your guests may remember the wonderful new cheeses they’ve tried. You can buy ceramic labels or make your own.

*J. Emerson offers slate plates, ceramic cheese labels, and cheese knife sets available to purchase.

Fresh/Soft Cheeses
Sparkling wines; unoaked, dry whites; dry rosés; fruity, unoaked reds; Fino sherry. AVOID oaky, tannic wines.

Semi Firm Cheeses
Medium bodied whites, fruity reds; vintage sparkling wines, apertifs.

Aged Cheeses
Full bodied whites and tannic reds; oxidized wines, such as sherry; sweet wines.

Blue Cheese
Ports; dessert wines; oloroso sherry. AVOID oaky, tannic wines.

Flavorful Cheeses
Light bodied wines; dessert wines; fruity reds.